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Welcome Rita Ibison in Arkansas

Hello, My name is Rita Ibison, I am a Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation Practitioner (FEFT)
Do you feel sad, fearful, angry, helpless, hopeless, abandoned, betrayed, depressed, feel as if you have no control over your life, feel rejected or resentful? Why? Why do we in spite of all the good around us feel this way? Our subconscious mind holds all our memories that have emotional charges attached to them. These emotional charges prevent us from being happy and joyful. Allow me to help you in releasing these emotions using FEFT. It is a very safe effective manner in which to free yourself of the past. You will be able to let it all go and create Joy, Peace and Happiness in your life.
Contact me: Rita Ibison
Skype: rita.ibison

Welcome Jenny Allen in Arkansas

I was trained in Reiki in 1996 and have practiced regularly. I am also a trained massage therapist specializing in lymph drainage. I am proficient at foot and cranial reflexology as well. Astrology is another of my talents/gifts I was given. I enjoy helping others feel better emotionally and physically, I feel it’s not only a blessing to be able to help it’s a responsibility I take seriously. Please call 479.220.2223 to schedule an appointment.

40/29 Women’s Living Expo

Dear All Healers,

The 2nd Annual 40/29 Women’s Living Expo will be returning to the PhoenixExpo Center in Fort Smith September 8-9, 2012. The Women’s Expo offers a day of fun and entertainment, of community and connection.

Our Expo is packed with more than 200 diverse exhibits, runway fashion shows, beauty makeovers, and special events.

Women’s Expo provides an effective marketing opportunity for you to promote your metaphysical abilities, do psychic readings and make personal connections with many potential clients.

Please visit our Fort Smith homepage for more information.  Our exhibitor booth rates and application forms can be found here.  We haven’t yet posted our full exhibitor list or event schedule so if you would like to see what the event was like last year, you can click here for 2011.

We are offering a 10% discount for early sign up. We only require a 50% deposit to reserve the booth and the balance isn’t due until a month before the show.

Please call me with any questions and I will follow up with you soon.

Best regards,
Janice McGuire

Green Tara Healing Art Center

Green Tara Healing Art Center

5300 Hwy. 64 east – Van Buren – AR. – 72956

The center offers a wide array of things to help the mind, body and spirit, including –

The Healing Hearts Flute and Drum Circle, Green Tara Meditation, Reiki Classes, Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation, Angelology Study Group, Intenders Circle, Meditation study group, Support group, Drum Therapy, Art and Craft Fairs, Intuitive Fairs, Concerts and more. Continue reading →