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Photo by Aaron Springston

Photo by Aaron Springston

What does the Easter story mean to you? I see it as a tale which illustrates the death of false beliefs and the resurrection of thought to the Truth of being. Jesus was here to teach us that we are all the children of God, that we are all capable of far more than we realize, and that we are all immortal. And he did teach these things, but people have diluted the message throughout the years. You would think such a lesson of power and freedom would grow in thought rather than dissipate, but it has not. At this point in time, we seem satisfied living a mortal life of fear and guilt. Perhaps it’s easier than accepting the majesty of our Being. I’m not sure why we don’t jump up and down in celebration of Truth! Truth is that we are not mortal sinners, but rather immortal reflections of All that Is. We crucify ourselves on the cross of belief and stay there because we don’t know how to get down. Jesus told us to know the Truth and be freed. This Truth is that the kingdom of heaven is Within. No one needs to help us down, we don’t need anyone to clear the path to God, because it’s already here inside, waiting to be found. Today I want to celebrate more than just having good food and people who love me. I want to look deep within and find what Jesus told me was there, and be grateful for that knowledge.

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “Resurrection: Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”

Science & Health Page 593:9-11

Peaceful Computers

South Africa photo by Aaron Springston

                                          South Africa
                            photo by Aaron Springston

I hate computers! This is not something I would say, and that’s because I’ve learned what happens if you do: they hate you back. I’m saying this semi-jokingly, but a lot of you have probably experienced this phenomenon. If we get frustrated and tense, this translates into blocked ability to know what’s going on. I often tell people to think like a computer. Appreciate seeing what it has to teach you, and listen for instruction on how to learn. Computers are actually very zen-like machines, don’t you think? My experience with computers is generally very meditative. If I’m not achieving the results I want, it’s tempting to throw up my hands and give up. That’s the time to sit quietly and ask for the knowledge which divine Mind always is providing. Once again, we’re asking ourselves to be still and know. Silence mortal mind and hear divine Mind. This is part of “what belongs to me in truth”: peace, joy, happiness — the kingdom of heaven which is within. Ommmm ~~~~

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “God has built a higher platform of human rights, and He has built it on diviner claims. These claims are not made through code or creed, but in demonstration of “on earth peace, good-will toward men.”

Science & Health Page 226:14-17


Happiness is Our Natural State

"Aaron in Bryce Canyon" Photo by Heather Magnan

“Aaron in Bryce Canyon”
                              Photo by Heather Magnan

We all know people who seem to be chronically sad, don’t we? I needn’t recount the circumstances of those individuals, as I’m  sure you know a few, too. They share a commonality of repeatedly replaying sad and distressing events in their thought and conversation. I have a few sad memories which pop into my head occasionally. When this happens, there’s a choice: I can relive the event mentally and/or verbally and thereby keep it alive. Or I can acknowledge that it’s still in my thoughts, but it is not the Truth of my Being. Yes, it happened (whatever it is). It’s part of my material history. But my spiritual reality has not been touched by it. The peace brought by this understanding is priceless. I can be happy. Even in the midst of things which we may not think of as particularly joyful , we can give ourselves permission to be happy. It is, after all, our natural state of Being!

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “An ill-attuned ear calls discord harmony, not appreciating concord. So physical sense, not discerning the true happiness of being, places it on a false basis. Science will correct the discord, and teach us life’s sweeter harmonies.”

Science & Health Page 60: 24-28

My Function

Zion National Park photo by Aaron Springston

                       Zion National Park
              photo by Aaron Springston

It can be difficult to understand that salvation and forgiveness are a part of this material dream; that there is, in reality, nothing from which to be saved nor forgiven. The distinction between illusion and reality is essential to this understanding. Even an understanding may not        preclude a desire to hold onto unreality. I was shown an illustration of this reluctance while sleeping. I had a long and elaborate dream involving not being able to find nor help a loved one who was in trouble. There was snow so deep it couldn’t be passed, along with many other impediments which produced anxiety and distress in my slumber. The dream seemed to go on forever. and I kept trying to climb out of it. But when I woke up, my first thought was of going back to sleep to see how the dream would end! As I was sliding back into sleep, the thought came to me that this wasn’t necessary. Why should I care how it ended? Couldn’t it end any way I wanted it to?? As I came back to conscious awareness, it occurred to me that this was a perfect analogy, illustrating our desire to hold onto illusions. From this perspective, I will notice my actions and thoughts today, looking at them from all sides to see if they are coming from God or my own personal ideas of how things should be. Remembering that God is All, and that I reflect this divine Love as my governing Principle, I gratefully accept this salvation today and always.

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind,–that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle.”

Science & Health Page 275 6-9

Just Who Are Our True Organic Food Suppliers?

All of us know that the foods we eat play a major role in the level of health we can maintain, on a physical and mental/emotional level. Therefore, those who are concerned, are opening up their eyes and the eyes of others to the fact that we simply can not trust what we see on labels any more. Finding truly organic food and trustworthy food suppliers is becoming increasingly difficult in this age when you depend on the standard food suppliers and corporate grocery stores.

As one article states:
“…keep in mind that corporate mergers take place every day. When businesses change hands, there is no obligation to notify the public. One such cautionary tale took place with the company Dean’s, which acquired Horizon Foods. They quietly phased out the use of organic products without making any changes to the label and used non-organic milk produced under factory farm conditions. As well, they dropped the quality of their organic soy and began purchasing cheaper harvests from Asia. Meanwhile, unwitting retailers had no idea that the company had ceased producing the items organically, and continued to promote the products as they had previous to the acquisition.” (The following link will list 12 companies that you should definitely avoid! Please read the entire article here : )

This is high level deception. So what can we do about it?
1) Grow as much of our own food that we can from open pollinated, organic, non-gmo seeds and plants.
2) Support your local growers that have the same ethics around food production that you have. Get as much as you can from people that you know.
3) Bless every morsel you put into your mouth because it is no telling for sure what is encoded in its dna these days. Energize it with the purest love and light you can send it from your sacred heart space. Also do this everytime you drink water; say a silent or verbal prayer of gratitude and clearing.

So, the answer to the question is : “you”! We ourselves are the ones that we can trust. The more we practice this and share ideas for solutions with others, the more it will become a standard practice. The more empowered we all will become, and healthy! Please feel free to message me with any ideas you may have for solutions to the food issues we all face in this world. betterhealthnaturally4u (at)



October Moonrise in Eureka Springs photo by Aaron Springston

                  October Moonrise in Eureka Springs
                           photo by Aaron Springston

The words crucifixion and resurrection mean different things to us all. Some images in memory may be rather gruesome, while many are joyful and celebratory. I see these words as standing for the freedom which comes with our resurrection from the tomb of material belief. The Christ Idea is risen in all the beauty of divine Love, as our ascension in thought shows us the ultimate reality of Life. I interpret God’s plan for salvation as the acceptance of myself as the spiritual idea I Am; a letting go of the material thought-basis which binds me to unreality. Now is the time to rise in the spirit of Truth, to celebrate the transformation which comes with the renewal of my mind. Now is the time to realize that no one can give me salvation, because it’s already mine. Now is the time to claim this salvation and wear it with a calm which only comes from yielding mortal mind’s control. And I lay down the sword —

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “RESURRECTION: Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”

Science & Health Page 493:9-12



“If you Build It, and Give it Away, They will come.” QEG Full Disclosure.

by hopegirl2012

QEG Core

Free energy has been released to the people.  You can choose to be skeptical if you wish, but in time (perhaps just a few short months) the reality of what is happening will become more and more apparent.

Open sourcing the plans for the QEG was a turning point for all of us. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we would like to take this opportunity to fully disclose to The People the full background story behind the last 6 months. We could not speak about much of this before we open sourced as we had to protect our family, our energy, and maintain the integrity of what we were trying to do.



The Results in the First Week:
In the first 24 hours 20,000 people downloaded the QEG plans. Since then it has gone so viral it is hard to get an accurate count. The manual has been posted on many blogs and is thoroughly spread through all forms of social media. So far the manual has been translated into German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish and soon Chinese and Spanish.

Websites are being created with forums to help spread and share information. Here is one of them, and so far there is a lot of up to the minute info being posted here:

We also have a skype chat room called QEGNetwork where many have gathered to post and share questions. Here is a link to this room, you need to have skype on your computer and you need to have your own skype account to sign in:


We would ask for people with website skills to create networking websites so that CICU’s all over the world can connect and speak with each other. This is important to help with troubleshooting, and sourcing the parts. We need to spread this knowledge fast and help groups to find each other.

Immediately after open sourcing the Fix the World QEG family attended a Prepare for Change Cobra conference in Taipei. We showed a presentation video of the QEG working prototype. Many who attended that conference are spreading the QEG knowledge all over the world. Cobra and his contacts from the light forces came to the factory where we are building QEGs to observe the operation for themselves. They are very impressed and we have the full backing and support of the Resistance Movement. Plans for larger scale production and parts sourcing are underway.

Teams of engineers are forming in more countries than we can count to build QEG’s.  Our first hands on experience is here in Taiwan with a group of engineers, many of which came from China who plan to bring the knowledge back to China. These “Men of China” have spent a small fortune and waited for a month just to get Visas to be here in Taiwan for QEG training. They have raised a large sum of money to begin QEG production in China. We were told from a high level contact that the QEG plans will be shared with 5,000 engineers in China who will be making as many innovations on the QEG as possible and open sourcing the plans for each one.

Already we have seen plans for improvements and innovations to the QEG, the engineers of the world are taking full creative license on what can be done once you have achieved an over unity power source. Many are very excited.

One of our suppliers Torelco, is extremely excited about the high demand for processed cores, and many orders have been placed in the last week from all over the world. They are rearranging their workforce  to handle the demand and working to get the best possible price for people.  They are charging $3,000 for the complete processed core which is a great price, and does not include shipping.

We recommend Torelco for purchasing a finished core which includes laminated steel core and rotor, all mica components, magnet wire, sleeving, spacer blocks, mylar tape and outerwrap tape, 8 inch through-bolts, nuts, washers, Nomex corner insulation and toroidal winding. Since open sourcing, we have learned that our other supplier, Polaris, will charge you double for the bare generator sets. Torelco will give you a much better price for a bare core as well.   As FTW continues to roll out the distribution plan, and more connections across the world are made, we think CICUs will be commonplace and hence, QEG parts will be more accessible (many people will be making them!)

Please Watch for Updated User Manuals as development progresses. They will be here:
A Special Note to those who cannot afford the parts to build a QEG.

We understand and are doing the best that we can to find cheaper parts and come up with creative ways to help make QEG’s more affordable. Some of these ideas are sponsorship programs, donated QEG’s to people in need, crowdfunding campaigns where people can pool their resources to buy the parts, and much more. This is all still very new, and in just a little more time (probably about 2-3 months) the people will have enough time to put together systems and manufacturing structures that will make them more affordable.  In the meantime, there are many that do have money and the right intentions to build QEG’s. They are helping to bring this out. And since no one owns the QEG, it is available to all, and will become more accessible over time.

FTW Next Steps for QEG

We are getting more questions than we can answer individually, and we want to help as much as we can. To help with this information flow we will be doing a free weekly radio show with James Robitaille and HopeGirl on Mission I’m Possible Radio called “Ask James about the QEG”. Here, people can call in or send questions that James and Hope will answer on the air. The shows will be archived, and we will find a transcriber to type out all of the Questions and Answers and post them in forums for others to find the answers they need. Check the radio station for scheduled show times:

Hope will be travelling to London to give a QEG presentation at the Alchemy Event Conference on April 11.  While in London, she will also be meeting with Sacha Stone and other members of the truth movement and New Earth Nation to collaborate bringing free energy to the world.

Our next QEG training and building will be in Aouchtam, Morocco at the One People’s Community. Many want to come to see the operation for themselves. Brian Kelly will be organizing travel accommodations. If you would like to join us in Morocco please contact Brian Kelly:

There are many other trips and requests planned for the near future, including Peru in June. We will continue to travel as much as we can, as hands on learning is the most effective way to pass on the knowledge. However, at this point it is one of our main concerns to put together a global ‘train the trainer’ program. This would involve training engineers to build QEG’s and showing them how to train others. This way the information can spread much faster and more efficiently. Part of this program would be to strengthen our organizational structure so that we can handle the increased workload.


We are not in the prove it business, we are in the do it business. We are doing the work, teaching others how to do it and showing the process so that it is available to all. The most important thing is to get this technology directly into the hands of the people, which is what we are doing. Our working prototype will be proven to the world through the people who believe in free energy enough to do the work needed to bring it out of suppression. Therefore the people will be the ones to make the announcements, which will be more effective, and the people will get all the glory.

130 years ago, Nikola Tesla designed an over unity fuelless generator  that could provide enough power to power your home. This technology was heavily suppressed as a way to control the people of this planet through dependence on oil.  Tesla’s designs and patents are in the public domain.

Through research, study, help from others, divine inspiration, and over 30 years of electronics engineering experience, James Robitaille of the Fix the World Organization (FTW) took one 1-hour class with an organization who has been building (and suppressing) these generators for over 20 years, and was able to figure out how to build it.  We raised the money for the prototype through crowdfunding and donations from over 1,000 people who believed in us. It took us 5 months to build the prototype, and once we got raw power, on March 25th of 2014 we open sourced the plans and gave away the technology to the world.  Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself. Now that this raw power source is achieved and shared so freely, there will be many variations and improvements. Humanity will be co-developing the future of the QEG, and will be free from the enslavement of the oil and energy industries.

FTW has never, nor do we ever intend, to own or control the QEG. It is a gift to the world. Now that we have given away the technology, it is up to the people to build, research, promote, prove, demonstrate, innovate and share.  It belongs to humanity and it is up to the people now to spread the QEG around the world.  We encourage people in every country to take the initiative, organize in local teams, create forums, websites, youtube videos. Gather your engineers, your business managers, source the parts, raise the funds, and distribute them to your people. You can do so through what we call a Cottage Industry Community Unit. (CICU)

We intend to teach others to build them and if necessary, we may play a role in organizing the supply of the parts to CICU’s who are building QEG’s.  To raise the funds to start a program for global QEG training, we may temporarily sell a limited amount of pre-orders.  FTW is an organization with over 60 projects that can change the planet and help people in need. The QEG is our pilot project.

Our organization needs funding  so that we can continue our work and bring more projects to the world in a similar fashion.  This is the way we hope to get funded:  establish a give back agreement with CICU’s that are building and selling QEG’s. This agreement is a choice, not a requirement , and can be in any amount that the CICU likes and can be adjusted according to the CICU’s needs at any time.

There have been many attempts at releasing free energy technology in the past. There are many working devices that have been proven over and over again. None of them were successfully delivered to the people. We believe that there are two reasons for this: violent suppression from opposing corporations and negative human characteristics such as greed, fear and control.

Therefore, the only way humanity would have the free energy it needs to survive would be through a completely unconditional and selfless act of kindness and a social media awareness strategy. This is why FTW did it this way. If we tried any other approach, we might not have been successful at our ultimate goal: Above all we want to bring free energy to the people and end the suffering on this planet.

What has been done is unstoppable.  Free energy is here NOW. It is Real and it is in the hands of The People.  In the first 24 hours of open sourcing,  20,000 people downloaded the plans. Since then social media has allowed it to go viral at record speed. The plans are everywhere in many countries. Engineers are taking this very seriously and we expect that in the next few months, QEG’s will be popping up everywhere. There are simply too many people on this planet to suppress it; we will reach a tipping point.



This was not easy.  It began in September of last year with a “download” of information that came through my stepfather James Robitaille. He called me when I was in Australia with the news that he had figured out how to make the QEG work. I was meeting with investors in Australia who told me “If you can show us a working prototype, we’ll fund it”. But we didn’t have the $7,000 needed to build the prototype and the investors refused to help. Please understand that our family has very little material wealth (but lots of love!). We struggle to make ends meet and have debt like most of the people in our country trying to survive. We put together a crowdfunding campaign that was over funded by 300 amazing people who believed in us. This turned out to be a good thing, because in the end it actually cost us $15,000 to build the prototype.

From the moment we entered into the arena of free energy, we became a target. During the first 6 months of building the QEG our family was faced with many difficulties and negative opposition both in our personal lives and in our public life.  We believe that these obstacles were placed there as a way to try to prevent us from being successful in our goal. We had one crisis after another. Each time we dealt with the crisis and got back to working on the QEG.  We also had a lot of attacks and negative comments online. We were called every name in the book and we received death threats. Yes it hurts, especially when all you’re trying to do is help people. We know about paid trolls, and the last efforts of the cabal. We fought the negativity with every spiritual tool we had. Prayer, meditation, energy grids, Love… EVERYTHING.  We knew that we were walking into Canaan and going up against giants. In this land we could not win by our natural abilities, we needed supernatural abilities. Faith was mandatory.


There were many moments during this time where we wanted to post what we were doing, and how things would roll out. We wanted to tell everyone what the results were. We wanted to share the miracles, and answer everyone’s questions. But there was so much opposition, our family and the QEG was not yet protected by the open sourcing. We knew that we had to keep silent and wait.

Normally we try to omit negativity in our posts and not give it to much attention. However in this instance we feel that it is important to expose some of the truths that we encountered along the way to help people understand the contrast of why other attempts have failed and why ours worked.

We tried to work with some people that had decades of combined experience. These individuals thought we were moving too fast and wanted to slow everything down so that they could control it. These individuals did not trust the people to be responsible for receiving free energy, and thought that humanity should wait another 20 years until we had gotten everything “perfect” enough to release it.  We don’t feel this way. Humanity should have had this 130 years ago (or more). Its time to free the people.

We tried to work with some people that could teach us their methods of building free energy devices. These people wanted a lot of money for their knowledge and omitted information so that we would keep coming back.

We met with many wealthy people; some of them billionaires. They said they wanted to help the planet, they promised they would fund our projects with huge sums of money. They wasted a lot of our time, drained our energy, and slowed us down from achieving our goal. They believed they were wealthy because they “earned it” and that people who were poor brought it upon themselves. Therefore they wanted us to do lots of extra free work for them in order to “earn” a donation from them.  We tried to see their perspective and work with them in every way we could think of.  After 1 ½  years  we never received funding from any of them. In some cases, not even a $5 contribution to a campaign.  We have grown very weary of promises of huge funding and no longer have time to invest in chasing the dangling carrots.  Those who are serious will understand that this is not about the money, it is about the intention. Those with the right intentions could never watch someone struggle and suffer without doing something to help. In contrast, those with wealth who have contributed with the right intentions, and the 1,000+ “average” people who donate to our campaigns in small amounts and are happy to give what they can because it makes them feel good to be a part of creating this Golden Age together with us.  It is THESE people that have made the QEG possible.

We have had many people attempting to give us business advice based on their ignorance of suppression and corruption.  We were “very strongly advised” to do many things in the “traditional” way, all of which we knew were part of controlled corporate government systems.  We had to discern every decision, every conversation and every piece of information presented to us to ensure that this entire process was completely free from the grasp of those that want to suppress it.

During this time we also had many strong moments of miracles. Each and every time we thought we might fail, God showed up, the people showed up, and everyone helped.  We never lost our faith in succeeding in something we believed in.   We learned many lessons along the way. For every negative experience there were 10 amazing positive experiences. We chose to keep our focus on the beautiful messages and the beautiful support we received, and this is what kept us going in our most trying moments.  It is the reason why this whole thing worked. Never underestimate the power of kindness and love. It is far more powerful than any negativity and suppression, and the QEG is living proof of that.

A Word for the Believers:
This is the moment many have been waiting decades for .  Now it is up to each and every one of us to actively engage in doing the work.  Find parts, find engineers, find a workspace, pool your resources and work together and you can manifest this for yourselves right now. We can visualize and meditate for a QEG for a long time before we have one providing the power in our homes.  Now is the time to act in any way you can to make this happen for yourself and your people.

A Word for the Skeptics:
Please try to have an open mind. This is real and many people desperately need this. If we told you 30 years ago that everyone would be walking around with smartphones, you would of thought we were crazy. If you want to be skeptical that is your right and we can respect that. In the next few months as people start building QEG’s you will have whatever you need to feel comfortable with this change.  In the meantime we ask that you refrain from spreading negativity during the infant stages of something that so many brave souls are making great sacrifices to achieve.

A Word to the Inventors and Engineers of Free Energy Technology

We know what you have been through and we know that it has not been easy. Humanity needs your inventions and many of you need recognition and financial support for your work. The old ways of doing business DO NOT WORK. We know this because no one has free energy, until now. This can be your opportunity to get your inventions out there. If you follow our example and open source your inventions there are enough good people out there in this world that will help you have what you need, and in return humanity will have what they need and we can put an end to the suffering on this planet once and for all. We took a stand and did this. Who will stand with us?

Stay tuned here for the next post coming in the next day or two which will feature our QEG building in Taiwan. Lots of pictures and videos to show you just how real and amazing this breakthrough is!

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Eureka Springs, Downtown Network

April 1, 2014
For Immediate Release
Jacqueline Wolven
Spring has arrived! Let’s meet, drum, learn something new,
make a toast at Cocktails for a Cause and celebrate Earth Day with Main Street Eureka Springs!
Eureka Springs, AR (March 31, 2014) – Winter is officially over and spring has arrived! The Main Street Eureka Springs | ESDN team has a host of events in April to write on your calendar!

Saturday, April 5th brings Drumming in the Park back to Basin Spring Park at 6PM to 8PM. Join local drummers as they create a joyful noise in the center of downtown. This event is free, kid friendly, and open to everyone.
Wednesday, April 16th at 9:00 AM is the first of the Free Business Development Classessponsored by Cornerstone Bank. The first class will feature social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your business. These classes are held at the Cornerstone Bank at 152 E. Van Buren and are open to any business owner, entrepreneur, artist, freelancer or manager in Eureka Springs.

Wednesday, April 16 & 17 ESDN will be hosting Randy Wilson with Community Design Partnerships and Main Street Arkansas as part of the Main Street Project. They will be working with the team to develop an action plan. A public meeting will be scheduled for April 17th at 7:30PM, details to be announced soon.

Thursday, April 17th ESDN welcomes back Cocktails for a Cause from 5-7PM at Fresh Farm to Table who will be hosting the Carroll and Madison Library Foundation in support of Books in Bloom. The Carroll County Community Foundation Future Fund and Arvest Bank are sponsoring the event, as well. This relaxed networking event allows you to support a great cause each month, meet new and old friends, and enjoy a new location downtown. Fresh will be featuring two speciality cocktails with a literary theme: Last of the Mojitos and Gone with the Wine.
Tuesday, April 22nd ESDN will be hosting Earth Day downtown and throughout the city with the Great Arkansas Clean Up. Participants can sign up a the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce table at the Eureka Sprigns Farmers Market from 8-12PM or downtown in Basin Spring Park 8AM – 3PM. A full day of events is scheduled for the day including the annual Springs Procession, a volunteer celebration cook out at Basin Spring Park, and the annual Dirty Butts cigarette collecting contest. More details to be announced; save the date!
You can find out more about upcoming events on the ESDN Facebook page.



The Eureka Springs Downtown Network, a Main Street Program, strives to support preservation, business education, promotional programming, economic development and beautification in downtown Eureka Springs with the understanding that a vibrant downtown is in the best interest of the whole community. Our partners include Main Street Arkansas and the National Main Street Center.

For more information contact the Eureka Springs Downtown Network at 479-244-5074 or